Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fresh New Start

I haven't been on my blog for 4 years or something like that. I got on to my blog and my last post was made 5 years ago and there was a picture of me when i was 5. Tomorrow is Friday!!! After school i'm going to a school activity (its a dance just with no slow dancing and dates and stuff like that). Last Friday I watched the Friday music video in class because in film we were talking about viral video's. Its so funny!!! If you haven't seen it see it.

So today I went to school and did what I do on a normal day. after school we sold our new puppy and I was sad. I'm going to finish a book i'm writing  and make a website that i haven't started yet. So this is a fresh new start on my blog!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


We are talking about the moving and about all the animals we're going to see when we move. I'm excited to move to Utah to the town of Bountiful. We're going to have chickens and dogs and cats.
This is a picture of me.

Today is Sunday, I went to church, I read a book during sacrament meeting and colored in my coloring book. I learned about when Jesus was born and I have a calendar in class in church.

Tomorrow it's my friend's birthday. He's going to have it at Vina Vieja park.

Last Friday it was my mom's birthday. We went to Souplantation and ate yummy food and ice cream. We went to the park and Marilyn came to watch us. We had cookies and ate dinner and we skated two times. We went to In-N-Out and we got french fries and burgers.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Years

New Years was fun! I saw the parade, it was fun! I saw lots of floats. My favorite was the USC because it's my dad's team. We went with Addison and Ella. I saw the biggest float! It was an indian. Here it is:

Here is the back.

We went to the park with Addison later.

I had a break for two weeks. That was fun! We finished a fairy game.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today my mom printed out a chore list for me. I liked it. And if I forget, she will help me remember.

When I went downstairs on Christmas morning, I saw some slippers and they were mine, and they had candy inside them. I got a Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name. I like my dog. My dog's name is snowflake. I got a crown and a bracelet and earrings. They were from Noah. I got a princess book from Ben. Grandma and Grandpa came and visited for two days and they came on Christmas night.

I had a fancy dinner on Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Sydney came over and we did ballet and played. It was fun.

That's all!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Yesterday it was Thanksgiving day. We had fun! We ate a big turkey. We had lots of people over.

Today I'm going to Ella's house and eating some yummy soup and I'm going to play with my friend Sydney that I didn't see in a long, long, long time!

Right now I'm watching Dora.

Auto Show

I liked the Auto Show. I got to sit in lots of cars, and they took my picture. It was fun. I loved the Auto Show and we got to stay up late and we saw some searchlights and that was fun.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Tomorrow me and Ben and Daddy are going to the car place. Today we had our Thankful Turkey come back to Family Night. We had yummy treats. Today I went to the Arboretum and climbed on these trees. I liked it a lot. We went and played with my friends, we picked up Andy, Autumn and Rebecca. Today I made a book, it's about the pilgrims. I colored it because I was on green all week. I am happy for that. Today is Tuesday and it is almost Thursday, and we're going to have a big party for Thanksgiving, and we're going to have turkey! I love turkey!

Today I had fun.